Monthly Archives: September 2016

My Day with my CJ

Today we went to our favorite store Target and bought some Autobots and other minor things. We ran and got food and headed home. As we started to put the bots in vehicle mode as CJ puts it I kept messing up. CJ takes my bots and says it goes this way mom. I was like you could have helped me about ten minutes ago. Needless to say Quillfire is difficult o put together and even harder to take a part. I can sit for hours with him playing and making all the sound effects. Yes, I am that animated mommy and he enjoys it.

I sometimes feel it is necessary to let lose and have fun with our children

Spending my vacation with my baby …

So we are watching Kung Fun Panda and talking about chi and dragon warriors. I live for moments like this. I know what my mother meant when she said, “you will see when you have your children.” I am sleepy but he is wide awake and laying on me like his human pillow. If I had to work it would be a different outcome, but a few more days of this will feel like a lifetime. 

A New Venture …

Good evening My SimplyFab Moms,

So I am on vacation and I am totally thinking about being my own boss. Not just thinking about it but putting my thoughts into action plans. I love being able to provide for my son and being able to take care of him. But at the end of the day I think how much time I lose by getting up at the crack of dawn getting him to daycare and rushing to work. I lose on the time we could be spending together. I lose on the time to say good night because I usually work at nights.

So I said to myself, “What is a SimplyFab Mom to do?” I decided to start a blog and start my own business doing the things I like to do. Doing so I will be able to get the time I have lost with my son back and I will be able to create more memorable moments. Being able to sit right here and watch him as he sleeps is a blessing and a great feeling.

So I will be on my blog and I will be sharing my dreams and thoughts and ides with all of my SimplyFab Moms, and if I am able to just touch one mom and help her out and have fun in the process it will all be worth it.

Since Prince CJ is sleeping I shall continue on my website and start working on putting my ideas on paper. Have a wonderful evening SimplyFab Moms of Houston.