Monthly Archives: November 2016


From the beginning they were the only friends I knew

Rough days and good days but with the guidance of the Lord he helped us through

In spite of the unfavorable decisions I made in my younger years they were still there

Everybody has them in their lives and know they will always be there 

No need to be worried that you are alone and without a support team

Doing all you do with them and the Lord will get you to your dream

Who are my friends … I call them family

ASimplyFab~Mom #introtopoetry

Face (My Mom)

My mothers face is the foundation I stand on to show I favor her

Lines and plumpness of her beauty shows the work of a hardworking mother

The hands that we have been dealt with showed what I could become

All that we have dealt with seemed there was no end but together we have overcome

I used the face of my mother because she is a woman of God.

When I do something good I just need a slight head nod

She holds her head high and keeps a great attitude

When God blessed me with my mother he blessed me with high magnitude

ASimplyFab~Mom #introtopoetry

Poetry Day One

Being able to sit next to the water Reflecting on my life story

God is the writer and deserves all the Glory

water represents the motion of my entire life

It continues to flow and never goes dry

Water is what keeps me going to keeps me having fun

Cannot wait til I finish my race and my Father says, “Servant well done”

Water is a huge component of myself

Water is what keeps me in good health

So it was fun writing a poem about water for you

I am at the end of my thoughts and I am through

Water our life source

ASimplyFab~Mom #Introtopoetry