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Avon Rep. …

Here are a few items I have on hand if you would like to purchase these items or would like to see others please feel free to email me at



These are the current brochures. 

Sweet honesty lotion perfume deodorant and powder


Necklace set




Daytime face cream

Hand lotion

Lip stick fiery red perfect red and sangria

Face lifting cream and wrinkle corrector with eye cream

Eye liners black ice black and starry night blue

Lip liners true red and coral

Perfume set with lotion and shower gel

Body wash 

Bubble bath 

Waking up with new mind set and being my own BOSS

It is an amazing feeling to wake up and know where you are going and know how you will get there. I work hard to make life for my family a little easier on a daily. My son is my biggest motivator. I want to make sure he has all he needs and I do not mind throwing in a few wants. 

I am so grateful and thankful for all that The Lord has given my family and also what he is preparing us to have in the future. Being able to say I am a full-time dean’s list student and a full-time mommy is blessing enough for me. I will be able to show my son how to be his own boss and build his own empire. 

So here is this weeks run down: 

Monday discuss weekly plan

Tuesday hair day and Avon

Wednesday bible study

Thursday school search for Cj

Friday morning with Cj and custom apparel 

Saturday hair day and day with Cj 

Wanting to be my own. Boss comes with lots of hard work and sacrifice. I want to live a stress free life and I want to be happy doing so. Starting this journey I had the same mindset, but now it is in full swing. Still new to the blogging world but I will keep pressing forward to my goals for my family. Have a great night. 


The first day of my continued journey in 2017 …

Happy New Year everyone. Getting set for the first Sunday of the year and getting the word of God. I enjoy spending this time with my family. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and my family. 

I look forward to growing my business and having fun in doing so. Vacations and many surprises as well. I cannot wait to share the many blessings that will be poured down on us. 

My Prince is going to be going to big boy school half a day starting August and I am so excited to see him grown and become a big boy. It will be a little hard … for me shhh don’t tell anyone lol. But I will be okay hopefully. He has been talking about going since we toured this one school.

The Lord will keep us covered and get us (me) through this transition. 

Will be adding some new additions to the website 

  • I am now an amazing representative for Avon
  • The shirts and bags for asimplyfabmom are ready for purchase as well

Looking forward to seeing what 2017 will bring. I am so ready. Have a great day and be blessed.