Sunday Funday

So I am back…

Took a break due to illness and being an awesome sauce mommy.

The flu … so staying in Houston, Texas has its perks. The Super Bowl was here this year and we were able to go to the NFL experience. The next day we were sick as dogs. Came to the conclusion it was the flu. My sons last for one day. Mines just really went away about two days ago. It was awful, but it’s over now thank goodness. 

Today like any other Sunday we made our way to church and started our day off right. 

While the boys played mommy and Gigi hung out. Starting your own business and wanting it to be your primary income does not take place over night. So my mother and I are bouncing ideas off one another and we are coming up with some amazing ideas. I am so thankful for the woman she is and who she is steady molding me to be. 

School is going amazing as well. I made the deans list last semester so I was so excited. I’m taking a Psychology class right now. The class is awesome and I am learning a lot about myself and the people around me. 

Dinner with the boys. So at the end of our day we are at Pappas Seafood House. Cj is knocked out in my lap and my dinner looks amazing. 

Hope you guys had a blessed Sunday 


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