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Doing Household duties and quality time with my Prince.

Today was a really good day. we stayed home and watched all the movies he wanted we included books and painting. He has been under the weather but he has improved over the last two days.

Trying to minimize my household and have an easy move in the next few months. The things you find when you are throwing things out. Being the mommy I am I keep almost everything. So here are some tips I used while getting rid of something we no longer need.

If you have not touched it or thought about it and it is still in good condition donate it

  • I have clothes that I have hanging in my closet and I have not worn them since 2014 so I bagged it.

Shred all the confidential information that you are tossing out

  • People are going to the all time lows to get your information. Do not give them any ammunition by putting important information in the garbage.


  • When in good condition and appropriate for the right ages bracket you can sell your tots toys and then there is more room for the new ones. Christmas is around the corner you know.

While doing all the cleaning we made sure to have some quality time. We watched one of our favorite movies Finding Nemo. CJ loves to sit with me and some popcorn and watch our movie. With all the excitement he has passed out on me and now I’m up alone and talking to you guys. Well have a great weekend and talk with you guys tomorrow.

A SimplyFab~Mom