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Tactics for us SimplyFab~Mom

Tactics for us SimplyFab~Moms …

Being a mother is an amazing journey from beginning to end. From finding out you have a bundle of joy on the way to giving birth to a wonderful blessing. When they become older they are learning more and evolving. Here are a few tips we use in our home to redirect behavior. 

Stop the negotiations

When you see it shut it down immediately. Show you are still in control and stay firm. My son is very persistent but I stick to my guns and we have a mutual understanding. 


Explain and ignore. I try to explain to Jay the situation and make sure I’m clear and concise with my expectations. I make sure he is okay physically and that’s when I leave him be. I see tantrums as another form of wanting attention. 

I use these tactics to allow conversation amongst us two when there’s a clash. This way we are both heard and we understand one another. 

My Day with my CJ

Today we went to our favorite store Target and bought some Autobots and other minor things. We ran and got food and headed home. As we started to put the bots in vehicle mode as CJ puts it I kept messing up. CJ takes my bots and says it goes this way mom. I was like you could have helped me about ten minutes ago. Needless to say Quillfire is difficult o put together and even harder to take a part. I can sit for hours with him playing and making all the sound effects. Yes, I am that animated mommy and he enjoys it.

I sometimes feel it is necessary to let lose and have fun with our children