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When mommy needs a break …

We are all human and sometimes we need a little break. I have noticed that I am always tired and I am completely dependent on coffee. Yesterday I didn’t have coffee at all and I have a terrible toothache. I was moving and getting things done at work, but after I left work my whole moving with urgency and moving period became very apparent. So I will have to make a decision about what I am contemplating about what to do to make my life flow a bit better. My son deserves more of my time and I want to get my business with blogging and custom apparel and accessories up and running. So here is how I am going to take a break and make time for what really matters:

  • Changing my time at work
    • It is going to be a tough decision but I am contemplating taking a break from full-time work and working on my family time and starting my own business. I will have more time with my son and I will be able to have some mommy time and get my business up and running so I can be my own boss.
  • Engaging more with my son
    • I work a lot of hours and I make time for my son but I just feel like I miss some time with him and I want to make sure that he does not go without that time.
  • Doing schoolwork early in the morning
    • Doing my schoolwork early in the morning will allow me to get it done and be satisfied with my work. Doing it in the morning will also allow me to have more time with my son and allow me to have more mommy time when needed.
  • Getting my business off the ground
    • I am pleased to announce that I am going to be starting my own custom apparel and accessories small business along with my blogging and free lancing. I am a beginner at all this but I have the drive and determination to get it done. I am so excited for the future of my family.

Making life changing decisions are tough. I will do so with theses following tips:

  1. make sure the decisions are beneficial to your entire team (family)
  2. make sure it is a decision that you can live with and follow through
  3. make sure that once you have made the decision you work like crazy to see that it grows and blossoms and can be a part of your legacy.

I am going to be my own boss in due time. Till next time have a great day to all my SimplyFab~Moms.

A SimplyFab~Mom