Growing and Parenting: My Little Guy

So we are sitting here trying to get ready for bed. My son asks for a snack. So I suggest fruit snacks crackers and he says no. So I ask well what do you want junior and he says a apple. My healthy toddler keeps me laughing and filled with so much joy. After this bowl of apples hell ask for a movie and fall asleep. The joys of being super mommy.

October 14, 2016

Today was an amazing off day. I was able to get some laundry done and spending it with one of my favorite people CJ. We played cars and swords and lets just say I need to brush up on my sword play. We tried new foods and he loved the grilled lemon pepper chicken strips. Along with that he also ate some of his favorite veggies green beans. We are now getting ready for our work day and daycare with Planes on repeat. He has been under the weather the last few days so we have been on Pedialyte for the last few days. He seems to be a lot better which is always awesome. Well off to ironing and giving bathes. Have a great night my SimplyFab~Moms.