SimplyFab~Mom Hair Chronicles

Started my journey on April 11, 2015. It was a struggle at first, but I took advice from friends and family and it grew on me.

I will be adding photos and how to instructions on my blog in the very near future. I am so excited

Today I washed my hair And did pigtail braids. I usually try my next to not manipulate my hair to much just so there not a lot of breakage. This is going to be my new favorite style. It literally took me ten mins.

This is a wash and go with a flat twist. Having a three years old prince I do the simplyfab~moms looks that will get me dressed quickly.

My afro and my prince …

November 4, 2016

Last night was a rest day for my hair and today I redid the braids and twist.


Side View


Have a blessed day

January 4,

Today will be a wash and flat twist day. Starting the new year off treating myself to a better hair plan and making my goals tune in later for pictures. 



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