Poetry Day One

Being able to sit next to the water Reflecting on my life story

God is the writer and deserves all the Glory

water represents the motion of my entire life

It continues to flow and never goes dry

Water is what keeps me going to keeps me having fun

Cannot wait til I finish my race and my Father says, “Servant well done”

Water is a huge component of myself

Water is what keeps me in good health

So it was fun writing a poem about water for you

I am at the end of my thoughts and I am through

Water our life source

ASimplyFab~Mom #Introtopoetry


Brainstorming Lunch …

Today I had lunch with my mother and auntie along with my young prince. We discussed some business strategies for my up and coming small business SimplyFab Apparel and Accessories. 

The vision of my business is to compliment all mother’s of all ages and figures. While doing so I would like to incorporate our little people we hold dear to our hearts. 

Getting together my logo and preparing to start making my products is going to be so much fun. My son will be apart of my entire venture. 

Meet and Greet Weekend

This is an amazing way to meet other bloggers …

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It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at The Light Breaks Through!!
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When mommy needs a break …

We are all human and sometimes we need a little break. I have noticed that I am always tired and I am completely dependent on coffee. Yesterday I didn’t have coffee at all and I have a terrible toothache. I was moving and getting things done at work, but after I left work my whole moving with urgency and moving period became very apparent. So I will have to make a decision about what I am contemplating about what to do to make my life flow a bit better. My son deserves more of my time and I want to get my business with blogging and custom apparel and accessories up and running. So here is how I am going to take a break and make time for what really matters:

  • Changing my time at work
    • It is going to be a tough decision but I am contemplating taking a break from full-time work and working on my family time and starting my own business. I will have more time with my son and I will be able to have some mommy time and get my business up and running so I can be my own boss.
  • Engaging more with my son
    • I work a lot of hours and I make time for my son but I just feel like I miss some time with him and I want to make sure that he does not go without that time.
  • Doing schoolwork early in the morning
    • Doing my schoolwork early in the morning will allow me to get it done and be satisfied with my work. Doing it in the morning will also allow me to have more time with my son and allow me to have more mommy time when needed.
  • Getting my business off the ground
    • I am pleased to announce that I am going to be starting my own custom apparel and accessories small business along with my blogging and free lancing. I am a beginner at all this but I have the drive and determination to get it done. I am so excited for the future of my family.

Making life changing decisions are tough. I will do so with theses following tips:

  1. make sure the decisions are beneficial to your entire team (family)
  2. make sure it is a decision that you can live with and follow through
  3. make sure that once you have made the decision you work like crazy to see that it grows and blossoms and can be a part of your legacy.

I am going to be my own boss in due time. Till next time have a great day to all my SimplyFab~Moms.

A SimplyFab~Mom

Grocery shopping with my tot …

He has been up since 4a … Yes that’s correct 4a. He wakes up after nine hours and we are on the move. Thank goodness for coffee. Today we are going to the grocery store and wherever the wind blows us. So when I first started grocery shopping it was a breeze. Of course he was four months old and he was sleep most of the time. Now he has gotten older and more expressive about what he wants to eat. So here are a few of my very effective tips on grocery shopping with my tot.

  • Set the rules in the car so there is a clear understanding of what is expected
  • Bring the iPad or use your phone to keep the tot occupied
  • Allow the tot to help with picking out a few items males them feel apart of the process
  • When the tot ask for toys explain thats actually not why we can yo the store and that we have to share and cannot buy toys all the time.

These are the tips that helps us make it through our trip to the store under 30 minutes with minimum to none meltdowns. Hopefully these are useful to you guys. Have a great Monday. 

A SimplyFab~Mom

Our Sunday morning … 

My son is doing so much better. He amazes me with his awesome strength. He has made me a better person. We are going to church and work and God is helping us out with His word. So my tip for my simplyfab~moms on getting ready for church after your child has been sick for the pass week:

  1. Make sure you wake up early (2hrs) to get coffee made and get some cleaning  done. During this time make sure you get dressed and iron your tots clothes.
  2. Wake them up using a slow quiet voice. They have already had a trying week, and they don’t need early morning excitement just yet. Get them dressed and let them start their day.  
  3. Give them breakfast so they will be full for service and stay low on the liquids so the rest room breaks are less frequent. 

Hope you mommies and daddies have a blessed Sunday and hope these tips help you out. 

A SimplyFab~Mom

Doing Household duties and quality time with my Prince.

Today was a really good day. we stayed home and watched all the movies he wanted we included books and painting. He has been under the weather but he has improved over the last two days.

Trying to minimize my household and have an easy move in the next few months. The things you find when you are throwing things out. Being the mommy I am I keep almost everything. So here are some tips I used while getting rid of something we no longer need.

If you have not touched it or thought about it and it is still in good condition donate it

  • I have clothes that I have hanging in my closet and I have not worn them since 2014 so I bagged it.

Shred all the confidential information that you are tossing out

  • People are going to the all time lows to get your information. Do not give them any ammunition by putting important information in the garbage.


  • When in good condition and appropriate for the right ages bracket you can sell your tots toys and then there is more room for the new ones. Christmas is around the corner you know.

While doing all the cleaning we made sure to have some quality time. We watched one of our favorite movies Finding Nemo. CJ loves to sit with me and some popcorn and watch our movie. With all the excitement he has passed out on me and now I’m up alone and talking to you guys. Well have a great weekend and talk with you guys tomorrow.

A SimplyFab~Mom